David Colombini is a Swiss designer and artist based in Lausanne and passionate about videoarchitecturenew Media

Having graduated from ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne) in Media & Interaction Design he just gained a MA in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art in London.

In October 2017, he joined as a partner the swiss based interaction design studio: Fragmentin

Before joining the studio, he has previously worked for renowned institutions and companies such as:

United Visual Artists
Herzog & De Meuron
Philippe Rahm architects


The Weather Followers
The London Space

Collective exhibitions

Polluted Selfie
07.07.2017 – Sun, 31.12.2017, at At ZKM, Karlsruhe

April 17 - Commissioned by SID LEE, New York
15-16.10.16 - At Cinekid Festival, Amsterdam
13.07.16 - CLIPPA Poetry Award National Theatre, London
11.05.16 - At Bug & Play festival, Zurich
15-16.04.16 - At Mapping Festival, Geneva
02.03.16 - At Mirage Festival, Lyon
With the support of Pro Helvetia

Co-construction - Design Museum, London - november 2016
Accross RCA, a collective exhibition at the new Design Museum, documenting the wood pavilion we built together with architect Clementine Blakemore.

Memories of the future - London

Memories of the future is a collaborative exhibition by the History of Design and Information Experience Design students at the Royal College of Art.

Poetics and Politics of Data - HEK, Basel
29.05.2015 - 30.08.2015

Inhabiting & Interfacing the Cloud(s) A research project beetween Fabric ch, ECAL, HEAD, and EPFL-ECAL LAB. It formed part of the exhibition „Poetics and Politics of Data“ which addressed the paradigm of a data-driven society and life in an increasingly datified world.
I helped to set up the installation "Inhabiting & Interfacing the Cloud(s)".

The Swing Shelter - Basel
05.12.14 - 24.12.14

The Swing Shelter is a public space installation in front of Kaserne at Keck Kiosk In Basel. It was created and built with my architects friends Yannick Claessens and Niels Werner Hersmann.

ECAL - Fabric of Light - Lantal
27.10.2012 - 01.12.2012

Lantal opens its exhibition “Fabric of Light”consists of imaginative and interactive installations with an oneiric look on textiles tomorrow.

Hermes - ECAL at Design Fair - Milan
April 2011

An interactive installation and an ipad app for Hermes and Wallpaper at the Design Fair in Milan.


Western societies tend to use “smart technologies” to try to control every element of everyday life. In this context, David creates machines, digital or physical experiences that invite us to accept a loss of control by playing with the poetic aspect of the unexpected and the serendipitous.

Award / Grants

- Attachment is nominated for the Swiss Design Prize 2017(category Rado Prize for young talents) - "Attachment" got longlisted for the Lumen Prize 2017 in category Interactive Art
- "Polluted Selfie" won the App Art Award in category AppARTivism, at ZKM, Karlsruhe
- The Weather Followers received the IKEA foundation project grant.
- is nominated on
- IKEA foundation scholarship
- Attachment won the Migros Culture Percentage Grant fund for Digital Culture


2016 - MA disseration passed with Merit: "Recycling data, a discussion around digital moderation".
(pdf available on demand)
2014 - BA dissertation: Fab(ulous)lab?



Polluted Selfie

Creative Applications
Attachment – Balloon-Powered (In)direct Messaging Revisited

Attachment is like a modern-day message in a bottle

Interview for the Migros Culture Percentage


Article in Neural magazine
Issue 57. Summer 2017

Article in Resurgence
Summer 2017