The Internet of senses

The Internet of senses is an interactive and sensory installation that allows the user to feel different sensations depending on the intensity of the traffic of Internet data recorded in real time. The project is based on different sensory elements produced by server: light, heat and air.

The installation is composed of three glass plates, illuminated by LEDs. Each plate corresponds to a geographical region: the Americas, Europe / Africa, Asia / Australia. Light and air of varying heat and intensity, according to the intensity of traffic (hits / sec), exits through holes around the glass plates. The user is prompted to touch the three glass plates and literally feel the Internet intensity. They can also, using a slider, go back in time (up to 24 hours) to feel the varying intensity of the air and heat.

David Colombini
ECAL 2013

Interactive installation

Photos of the installation

Code and 3D visualization

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