The Expo Guide

Taking inspiration from the 1862 London Exhibition Official Catalogue, we re-imagined the exhibition guide as a compliment to the installations of "Memories of the Future": A collaborative exhibition between the History of Design and IED students from the Royal College of Art.
December 2015, Bethnal Green, London.

Our Guide steps away from traditional visual, printed and audio guides, and moves towards an interactive artefact for displaying of exhibition content. As visitors wander through the exhibition, they are invited to place the different blank pages of our guide on one of the six corresponding stations we have designed to reveal the hidden content related to each installation.

David Colombini
Jonathan Joanes

6 installations
60 exhibition guides

6 interactive stations

Two pages will trigger a video projection when placed on the station. Another two pages will reveal graphic illustrations under a UV light. The final page is perforated with small holes that project text via directional light.

An exclusive object

The Expo Guide provides the exhibition with a degree of exclusivity. Content can not be taken home or downloaded from the internet. To discover the exhibits, people must physically visit.

1862 - 2015 EXPO guide

The first photo shows the official exhibition guide from the 1862 EXPO in London beside our new expo guide for the exhibition "Memories of the Future" in the Machine Room, Bethnal Green, London.

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